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here is a playlist for you

it is 'good recent music'

01 GORILLAZ - feel good inc (from Demon Days)
02 FISCHERSPOONER - all we are (from Odyssey)
03 DAFT PUNK - make love (from Human After All)
04 EELS - losing streak (from Blinking Lights and Other Revelations)
05 AFX - i'm self employed (from Analord 6)
06 MAXIMO PARK - postcard of a painting (from A Certain Trigger)
07 AUTECHRE - sublimit (from Untilted)
08 OUT HUD - how long (from Let Us Never Speak Of It Again)
09 AMBULANCE LTD - heavy lifting (from self-titled)
10 QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - in my head (from Lullabyes To Paralyze)
11 ATHLETE - never running out (from the single Wires)
12 O9 - terminal silver (from Church Of The Ghetto P.C.)
13 BRENDAN BENSON - spit it out (from Alternative To Love)
14 NEW ORDER - waiting for the sirens' call (from Waiting For The Sirens' Call)
15 ANNIE - heartbeat (alan braxe remix) (from the single Heartbeat)
16 AKRON/FAMILY - running, returning (from self-titled)
17 JULIET - avalon (jacques lu cont remix) (from the single Avalon)
18 BECK - broken drum (boards of canada remix) (from Guero Deluxe Edition)
19 LCD SOUNDYSTEM - yr city's a sucker (full version) (from self-titled)
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