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Since this community has been abandoned by one of its maintainers, I s'pose it's all mine now. I'd like to get it up and running again.

so... what's everyone listening to at the moment?
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I love Elliott Smith's album "Unreleased: From a Basement on the Hill II" which leaked a few days ago.
Anyone else get it?
I like it more than "From a Basement on the Hill" because it has Elliott's vibe. I know his friends and family tried hard to put "From a basement on the hill" together but the music on "II" that were left alone are the best.

It's also nearing the date of his death. Any plans?
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I just downloaded
the Elliott Smith cover of
Nico's "Chelsea Girl's". It's very
beautiful & he makes it so haunting.

If anyone her would like me to send
them the file, please leave your either
you e-mail or your aim sn & also
what your name, and I will be
more than happy to send it to you

1999.10.14 @ Satyricon, Portland OR
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Hi everyone!! I just joined & I promise I'm not a twat.

I just ordered this album after some extensive internet trolling & an unbelievably good price:
Image hosted by Emitt Rhodes Self-titled

In 1970, and with little fanfare, ABC/Dunhill Records released a self-titled album by a young man named Emitt Rhodes. With more than a slight nod to the Beatles (particularly Paul McCartney), its twelve tracks are among the finest examples of pop-song form in history. More amazingly, the entire album ó every song ó was written, sung, performed, engineered and produced by Emitt himself, a feat he accomplished nearly simultaneously with McCartney. The album and Emitt had what seemed to be a promising future ahead, breaking into the Top 40 (peaking at a respectable #29) and spawning a single that nearly cracked the Top 40 as well. But, through a number of marketing and contractual flubs, Emitt Rhodes ó the man and the album ó faded into the shadows of rock-and-roll obscurity, along with his subsequent releases.

Billboard magazine called him "one of the finest artists on the music scene today" (4/3/71) and later referred to his debut as one of the "best albums of the decade" (11/23/96.) Alternative Press described it as "essential listening...a true pop gem..." (2/96) It's a shame that to your average person-on-the-street today, the name Emitt Rhodes doesn't mean much. But to many who bought that first album, it occupies a special place in their record collection; a pure pop masterpiece that endures countless listens.

(no subject) for some STRANGE reason we keep having these trolls signing up for this community, so now there is no longer open membership. If I find that you're for real and want to discuss music, you'll gladly be accepted. Otherwise, take your idiocy elsewhere, and get a life instead of bothering people on the Internet.


i'm planning on expanding my pavement collection. god, i got into them so late. anyway, i only have crooked rain, crooked rain and the cut your hair single (apparently it's out of print?). what do you suggest i buy next?

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i just wanted to say that i hadnt been to a show in ages prior to seeing adam green last thursday and friday.

he was fantastic! very charasmatic! i loved every minute of it, and he was quite nice on top of all that.

if you guys get the chance, definitely see him!
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