Leilani (modlass) wrote in girlsonthewing,

I can't help but like them though..

from pitchfork:

"Most of Tree City sounds lifted from Britt Daniel's songbook. By that, I don't mean it sounds somewhat like it. I mean, it sounds like they stole the tapes from Britt's house and scribbled their name over his. Does Daniel live on High Street? That would make sense. Otherwise, it's hard to believe that a band, even relative newcomers, would be so blatant about borrowing ideas. Aren't New Yorkers cagier than that? But they present a pretty striking facsimile, albeit with the expected loss of definition and detail.

Singer Ben Trokan Single White Female's it throughout, knocking the dust off Daniel's weary loverboy rasp and cribbing notes from scratched-out lyric sheets. Trokan and his mates do such a fine rendition that, at first, it's easy to pretend it is a new Spoon record. Their Stella-soaked piano pop bounces and shakes where it should, with a few idiosyncratic touches that keep things interesting on certain numbers, like the horn section on "Spanish Teeth" or dancy-slappyhands on "Amanda Green". "Beneath the Trees" even threatens to carve out a unique path with its breathy ooh's and la's and Trokan's thrusts into falsetto. It's the clearest indication that ROHS have a chance if they're willing to trust their songwriting and ability a bit more the next time out."

That's what I'm sayin'.
I wish I didn't like them, but it IS easy to pretend that their album is the next spoon album.
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